鈼廝rotecting patients and healthcare workers by preventing the spread of micro-organisms
鈼廝urifying the air in exam rooms, waiting rooms, laboratories and hospital rooms
鈼廌estroying unpleasant odours
鈼廟emoving VOCs
Application scenarioFever Clinic, Sensing Disease Department, Clean Ward, CT Room, Hemodialysis Department, Blood Center, Organ Transplant, ICU, Dermatology Department, Operating Room, and other large spaces.
Technical features
Superconductor microelectric plasma sterilization
No ozone, arcing, discharge and other problems
Anti-Online (national invention patent) long-acting slow-release sterilization patented material
Load 5% Anti-Online sterilization material primary filter + chemical absorption net
Rated voltage220V/50Hzrated power250W
Noise25-55dB(A)Sterilization efficiency100%
MotorShibaura Brushless DCControl methodSmart touch screen
Air volume2600m鲁;/hApplicable volume锛?60m鲁;
Product Size900*393*1670mmGross weight/net weight120kg/100kg
product materialCarbon steel + paintProduct formMobile
Third-party test data
Natural airborne bacteria20min 100%Staphylococcus aureus20min 100%
Staphylococcus albicans20min 100%Escherichia coli20min 100%
Aspergillus niger20min 100%Pseudomonas aeruginosa20min 100%
Bacillus subtilis var. niger spore20min 100%Mycobacterium chelonae subsp. abscess20min 100%
Total number of colonies0 CFU/鐨匡紙15min锛?/p>Particle removal rate100%
UV leakage< 1渭w/cm虏Ozone leakage

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